Creation Vinium




The quality of François Frères barrels is the result of meticulous selection and control.

The tree trunks are carefully selected from "l'office National des Forêts" (ONF) timber plantations which produce the best wood. The oak staves are crafted in our own mill, using only the finest parts of the wood. Our site benefits from a unique microclimate and so the crucial two-year (minimum) drying period in the open air gives the best possible result. Rain, wind and sun alternate regularly, facilitating the extraction of the water-soluble substances (soluble ellagitannins). The leaching and chemical oxidation of phenolic compounds allows for a 100%-natural seasoning process which retains the best compounds of the wood, thus actively contributing to the final result.

Before starting to manufacture the barrels, the hygrometry of the raw material is carefully controlled. Throughout the process, quality control ensures that every step of fabrication is conducted in accordance with the highest professional standards. We carry out analytical controls of contaminants (such as organochlorine compounds) on the green wood as well as on our finished products.