Creation Vinium




Designed for the production of highest-quality, exceptional wines, the range of barrels that François Frères offers is built around the length of time the wood is seasoned.  


The "Classique" barrels are manufactured with wood dried on our site in Saint-Romain for 18 - 24 months. It's the ideal length of time for producing casks perfectly adapted to the wide variety of traditional methods of maturing wine.


Air-dried oak which has been seasoned for 30 - 36 months is used for the "Exclusif" range, created especially for wines being matured with a significant amount of new wood or being aged slowly.


"Rare" barrels are in the open-air for 40 - 48 months. With these casks, we have used our extensive experience to experiment: the wine produced in these barrels has great finesse and complexity.


These barrels are the result of the close partnership that we have with numerous clients. To best meet their needs, these clients have entrusted the selection of the wood to us "en primeur".  It is seasoned on our site for 3 years before the barrels are crafted.