Creation Vinium



Type of wood grain 

The nature of the grain and profound qualities of oak allow for subtle flavour choices depending on the demands of the wine.

Across the range of barrels "Classique", "Exclusif" and "Rare", the finer the grain the more the maturation can be prolonged while preserving moderate tannins and complex aromas.

However, the François Frères Cooperage has also developed the "Essentiel" and "Horizon" casks, adapted for shorter maturations which maintain the fruit flavours of the wine.

"Essentiel" uses a wide grain to ensure that the aromatic overtones can be achieved faster.

"Horizon" uses wood selected from forests in Hungary, which our experience has shown us is particularly well adapted to shorter maturation times and which can be used with our Classique barrels for more rapid maturations.